Remove Mrs. Melissa Burger, M.Ed. as CBSD K-12 District Library Coordinator

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The undersigned are formally seeking Melissa Burger’s resignation or termination as Library Coordinator for K-12 in the Central Bucks School District.

We are seeking Mrs. Burger’s resignation or termination due to her implicit bias in book selection, continuing sexualizing of our youth, and promoting gross violence and pornography in our schools. The buck stops with Mrs. Burger.

Mrs. Burger allowed books in our school that promote pedophilia and explicit underage sexual content. There have been multiple requests to Mrs. Burger to remove the pornography from our schools, and she has not listened nor done so. What will it take to stop our children from being exposed to pornography in the name of inclusion?

To make others feel included, you do not marginalize people, and You do not encourage others to bullying, name-calling, and incite violence. To make others feel included, you show care and compassion. Mrs. Burger has not done this.

Thus, we seek her immediate resignation or termination.


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